What we stand for

We believe that global sustainable development is the most important challenge of our time. Collective action between corporates, civil society and government is crucial. Collaborative leadership is essential to connect business strategy to these global priorities. We find the people that make this happen.

Our combined backgrounds in food and agriculture, consumer, technology, mining, government and finance give us extremely useful market insight and coverage to bring to our profit and non-profit clients. 

Being at the heart of this community keeps us plugged into emerging and compelling trends. This enables us to find great people for our clients right now and to proactively identify leaders for the future.

Not business as usual

Why this matters

There is an urgent need to address global challenges around poverty, climate change and conservation. 

With the Sustainable Development Goals creating a common language and framework, the private sector have an opportunity to transform their value chains and create inclusive business models. But they cannot do this alone. 

Their impact is reliant on their effective multi-stakeholder partnerships with those non-profits, roundtables, policy makers and think tanks that drive the transformative changes needed. Collective action is key to meeting the Global Goals. 

New business models that are scalable and go beyond business as usual are all possible with the right people in place. 

Our business is focussed on developing relationships with those individuals.

Source to shelf

What we do

We provide focused executive search and bespoke research. 

We take a value chain and thematic approach to everything we do, from developing our network through to project delivery. 

Our clients sit within the food, agriculture and forestry value chain from source to shelf. 

Related sectors include food and drink, textile and apparel, pulp and paper and consumer goods.

We also work with organisations that help those within the value chain drive progress towards sustainable development. They include research and policy, standards and certification, strategy consulting, technology and sustainable finance.

Following our thematic approach, the individuals we recruit are working with issues around poverty, deforestation, climate change, social justice, water stewardship and conservation, globally.

We support these organisations, whether private, public or non-profit
to strengthen leadership teams from management to board level. 

Accelerating change

How we work

We are a business with a purpose - to find leaders who create a prosperous and sustainable future for all.  This drives our conversations, our connections and our mission to make a difference. 

There are three main ways in which we partner with our clients 

  • Delivering end to end executive search
  • Providing search consultancy on a project basis: supporting internal recruitment teams. This includes shaping recruitment strategy, building capacity or supporting specific stages of their search work.
  • Producing bespoke research in both print and multimedia 

We allocate 10% of our project time on a pro-bono basis, working with impactful non-profits, starts-ups and social enterprises.

Operating from London and New York we have a global reach. We have delivered consultancy, search and research projects across EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pacific.