We are growing and are actively looking for individuals to join our team in London and New York, who share our values and have business development, research or marketing know-how. Please contact us at hr@sillmanthomas.com to find out more.

Our values

We are focused

Careful thinking, diligent planning and always being prepared. Saying no to work that isn’t right. Focusing on creating shared value, not short term profits.

We practice purposeful creativity

Running a business that enables our team to thrive. Constantly learning and innovating. Always challenging the thinking, both our own and our clients, to get it right.

We prize good communication

Being open and honest. Embracing technology and using it to its fullest. Practising active listening. Proactively sharing knowledge and insights.

We believe the right connections create change

Developing relationships with care. Bringing together unusual suspects to breakthrough convention. Thinking laterally to create new connections.

We are a dedicated core team operating from London and New York, supported by regional associates and researchers in South America, Africa, South East Asia and China. 

Contact us for a discussion in confidence.