Interview with Marco Albani, Director of Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 [Video]

In this video interview, Marco Albani, director of Tropical Forest Alliance 2020, speaks about the need for multi stakeholder collaboration between the private sector, government and civil society in the global move to sustainable forestry. 

Marco gave this 5-minute interview while at the impactful Global Landscapes Forum conference held in London on 6th June 2016. Hannah Wylie, director at Sillman Thomas, was pleased to be invited to attend, given our work putting the leaders in place to drive this collective action. 

Near the start of the interview, Marco states that $500 billion of forestry and paper products are sold each year, with $200 billion being made in tropical forest nations. This means the push for these value chains to become deforestation-free will be a huge transformation. 

Calls for zero-deforestation products are getting ever louder, led by growing consumer awareness and high-profile pledges by global brands such as Unilever, L'Oreal, Nestle and Disney. Last year's two major milestones, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change, both of which specifically mention the importance of forests, have boosted ambition and provided a common framework for collective action. 

Header image by Hans Eiskonen (Creative Commons).